Mounting V3's to SimLab P1X Extruded Aluminum

So I upgraded my V1 to V3's a little while ago and am mounting them to a SimLab P1X. Apparently the manual actual says to not remove the heel plate to gain access to the mounting holes on the driver facing side of the pedals.

I'm curious how people have managed to mount these pedals to an extruded aluminum pedal box (like the one SimLabs has). The bolt needs to go through from the top and is secured on the bottom by T-Nuts. There is no physical way I can find to do that without removing the heel plate.

As a side note I've seen many posts on here about how the red screws are made of butter and strip often. My original V1 screws are actually made of steel. I'm very disappointed that Fanatec has actually down graded the materials used in the construction of these pedals.


  • The red bolts are fine - I have removed my heel plate a few times with zero issue - the bolts still look like new. The people who think they are "like butter" probably were using imperial hex keys :-) If you think it will be easier to mount the pedals by removing the heel plate then do so. Sim Lab won't know - it will be fine.

  • You seem to be lucky. I did make sure to get the metric hex keys (not easy to find in North America btw) but each of the three screws on the heel plate were so tight it's like they had locktite on them. Two had puffs of dust come out when they were loosened and one stripped clean off. Tried all sorts of tricks like rubber bands, steel wool and the like but it's in there for life.

    As mentioned the V1 pedals the same screws are steel. Shame they decided to down grade the quality while charging more.

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