CSL Elite Loadcell Pedal Issue

Berk AkmanBerk Akman Member
edited November 2021 in Pedals

Hi, my pedal was squeaking and I applied some lithium grease to the points shown in the manual and after when I wanted to check if everything was working properly before connecting it up to my rig I saw that the brake was acting weird, in the screenshot the brake is applied with only my finger and even if I change the brake force to %100 I can still get it up there.

I used white lithium grease. I tried plugging them into a different computer and the issue is still there.

I tried calibrating it and it does not work as well.

Did I do something wrong? how can I fix this if I can?


  • Update: It looks like this does not cause any problems in game and if you connect your pedals to the wheelbase you don't get the weird reading.

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