Fuente alimentacion rota

Buenas, tengo el dd1 y al enchufar la fuente de alimentacion se me saltan los automaticos de casa, esta en corto, queria saber si a alguien mas le a pasado, y cuanto tiempo tardan en mandarte otra estando en garantia, un saludo


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    google translation fr Spanish to English:

    Broken power supply

    Hi, I have the dd1 and when I plug in the power supply I skip the home automation, it is short, I wanted to know if someone else has happened, and how long does it take to send you another being under warranty, a greeting


    I suggest you contact support and request for an RMA they will help you.

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    I have already contacted the support, and it has been 8 days and I still have not received any kind of concrete response from fanatec, how much longer should I wait to be able to solve this?

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