ClubSport pedals V3; standard or inverted?

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I would be happy to hear people's experience of pros & cons with standard pedals versus inverted ones. In my case, the chosen pedals would be used with the Playseat Formula Intelligence (Playseat® Formula Intelligence - Black - For all your racing needs ( Based on linked seat's ergonomic position, which ClubSport pedals would you recommend to support comfort and reduce fatigue; the standard ones or the inverted ones?

I acknowledge that it is a personal preference, however, since this would be my first sim setup, I have no own experience to relate to.


  • No one willing to share? I have to the end of the road as both Playseat and Fanatec restrain from commenting outside the scope of their own products. My best take is that inverted are best suited for rigs with upright seating positions like in a standard care, whilst the Formula seat I am eyeing with a low seating position implies non-inverted pedals.

    Still, a second opinion would be valuable before dropping the cash.

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