Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals PCB Issue

Hi all😁, I have a question..I have an old CSR Elite pedal, but suddenly the brake doesn't work anymoreπŸ™„..

I changed the loadcell already, also tried one from another working pedal, but nothing works..Clutch and Accelerator works fine do, so it seems the PCB is broken.

I really love this pedal al do its old, and I don't have the budged to buy a brand new one due to private matters.

Is there any way to order a replecement PCB for this pedal, or something that does work with the old CSR pedal?

If anyone can help out, or have sugestions? Thanks in advance, It will be much appreciated.

Best regards, Jeremy


  • Try sending a support ticket or an email to fanatec support.

    If spare parts are still available, they will open a quotation under you account tab to pay for parts and shipping.

  • Thanks for the reply! I appreciatie it ;)

    I have sent a message to customer support..I sure hope they can help me out.

    Greets, Jer

  • Jer,

    This week, I had the same problem with my CSR Elite Pedals. The brake pedal suddenly stopped working, but thankfully the accelerator and clutch pedals continue to work perfectly. I also swapped out the load cell, but that didn't fix the brake pedal issue as it continues to be unresponsive. I concluded that the problem must be the PCB, as one of the tiny components near the brake header appears to be discoloured, possibly indicating that it is dead.

    I am curious to hear about your experience contacting Fanatec customer support for a replacement PCB to resolve the issue. Did you get a response? Were you able to get your CSR Elite Brake pedal to work again? 🀞



  • Quick Update (πŸ“… 2022-04-05)

    I got my hands on a BRAND NEW (inbox) replacement PCB for my CSR Elite Pedals from a Fanatec authorized retailer in Canada for ~$97 CAD.

    • Product code: CSR E P MAIN
    • Description: CSR E P MAIN PCBA

    I plan to install the new PCB later this week and confirm if this fixes my unresponsive brake pedal issue.

    Wish me luck πŸ€

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