Help to test a right iRacing profile...

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I followed the instructions given in the forum in the post "Fanatec Recommended Settings" for setting the parameters to be used with Podium DD2 and iRacing, but I am still not satisfied enough, although I have tried to make some small changes. While playing the game, I also use the irFBB program at the same time, which allows you to intervene on some particular parameters, replacing those of the game itself. So now I would like to ask someone who owns my own Podium DD2 and also uses irFBB if it possible to request his settings to try, hoping to get a better overall feeling that I haven't been able to find yet.

I am waiting for some advice and some profiles to be tested and I thank in advance whoever will help me.


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    Go to this thread and download Fanalab as well as Maurice Boschen's profiles for iRacing. Read the txt file in the iRacing folder and then once you have set your settings in iRacing as per the txt file import the profiles into Fanalab for the cars you want to run. Maurice uses a DD2 so any questions about it and irFFB would be best posted to him in the thread below once you have tried his profiles. FWIW I use his profiles on my DD1 for all the different cars I run and they are excellent and I find no need to run irFFB anymore.


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