CSL Pedal Loadcell Problem

I just set up my new CSL DD along with CSL pedals with the loadcell kit. Am only using brake and gas pedals. Have updated all software on Fanatec site. Using these with Xbox One (which is also properly updated). I use Forza 7 and Assetto Corsa. On both platforms, the pedals will work (or won't work) at one point and then won't work (or will work) at another point. Completely random, but mostly they don't work. The gas/brake buttons on the universal adaptor for Xbox work fine. I've ensured the cables are all properly inserted/connected. Anyone else have this issue and anyone have any suggestions/recommendations to resolve it. Thanks.


  • Why you can get the loadcell kit at this moment? it is not ready to ship on 7/2/22?

  • "Universal adaptor for XBOX"?


  • ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox

  • Tim KocksTim Kocks Member
    edited December 2021

    Have you checked if you have not pinched the cables from the pedals/control box when assembling the pedals?

    This is relatively easy to do and might not lead to issues instantly.

    Connectivity loss on my CSL DD was due to the C-clamp on the wheelbase shaft not tightened down enough. (I've been told it was an issue with a Batch of CSL DDs).

    In my case it was losing FFB/button-/pedal input all at once (could only steer). With either the steering wheel or everything (i.e. wheelbase) disconnecting. But since it's only the pedals for you, it might be a different issue.

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