[Resolved] What Kind of Customer Service is This????

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I Need a new Load Cell for my ClubSport Pedals V3


Thank you very much for your inquiry.I am really sorry to hear that, and I have to apologize for all the inconveniences.

Do you have the possibility to provide a short video of the issue?


What? You want me to make a tick-tok video or something??


  • I had to do a quick video years and years ago when the load cell went in my V1 pedals, just point the phone at you pressing the pedals and then at you PC showing that the brake bar doesn't go all the way up, if you can get both in the same shot then even better.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Gavin,

    Thank you for raising this topic. There is a common misconception that Fanatec Support requires a video to proceed in a support case, but this is not correct. A video is never compulsory to receive support from us, but is usually requested as part of standard procedure. If the issue can be easily described in words, then naturally a video is not important, but we still ask in case there has a been a misunderstanding (for example, many customers say 'I need a new load cell' and it turns out that there was nothing wrong with their load cell, and the issue was resolved in a different way as a result of requesting further information).

    If it is not possible to provide a video, or it doesn't make sense to provide a video, then the support case will still proceed.

    I checked your case and saw that you simply explained the issue in words and the next step was initiated. Therefore I will mark this thread as 'resolved'.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Motto being don't buy Fanatec bunch of thieves worse than Thrustmaster

  • A TambalA Tambal Member
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    Why are you even in here then? Go buy a Thrustmaster. You're going to come on here and say something so rude with no context, unbelievable. I have my own issues I'm trying to resolve and from what I see the Fanatec community manager is going above and beyond to explain to the dim wit who posted this forum who apparently doesnt know that LITERALLY every single pc hardware company like Nvidia, Asus, Gigabyte, AMD, intel, MSI, AsRock all ask for a video as a routine part of an RMA process. It's because 90% of the time there's idiots (probably like yourself and the person who started this forum) who just forgot to plug the damn thing in.

    I was frustrated by your comment and by the poster because when someone like me with a real issue is on here trying to get some help, it's drowned out by all the stupid posts. Not to mention these customer support & community managers are people. How would u feel if someone came on your job and berated u calling u a thief and liar especially with NO CONTEXT. I get it dude, u feel like u got robbed and feel a bit hurt, but please if u are not going to say something constructive (including criticism) refrain from posting at all. Im so sick of it!

    ✌️ have a great day

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