CSL DD FFB Setting has to be REALLY low to get rid of clipping with F1 car

edited December 2021 in Assetto Corsa

New CSL DD owner here and Im trying various cars and tracks with the new wheel. With normal road cars the feeling has been great right out of the box with factory settings. But when I use an F1 car I have to lower the gain so much to avoid clipping on loaded corners that it feels like Im using a 10 year old G27 with absolutely no balls. I really hope there is a cure for this in settings because as of right now there is no joy in driving an F1 car with the gain set to 20-30%.


  • What is your force set to in the driver?

  • In the driver the force is set to 100% and the stock in game FFB app is set to 100%. Ive been using the settings in the wheel to adjust the force per car. But just now I started messing around with it again and I kept lowering the force on the wheel lower and lower until I got to 1% and its still goes full clipping on hard corners even though there is no strength to the wheel. I can feel the clipping in the wheel and the Pedals app is showing full red for the wheel as well. So this tells me that its some kind of setting somewhere but I just dont know what to adjust.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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