Clubsport pedals V3 - brake pedal value flickering, even at 0% load

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Hi, I've just received my set yesterday.

Right away I've noticed strange flickering when brake pedal is pressed or even when it's not.

When pedal is not pressed values are flickering in range of 0-5%, the same thing happens when pedal is pressed.

Tried to install firmware 1.30 but it didn't help.

Wheel is connected to pc, changing connection to wheelbase didn't help (CSL DD)

Please help me, as this makes racing unplayable....

I am thinking of sending pedals back and ordering new ones


  • The same thing happens to me, I sent them and they say that since they cannot reproduce it, they will not repair them and I also communicated it a few days after receiving them.

  • I've discovered that in autocalibration mode pedals works fine (1.30 firmware but maybe firmware doesn't metter)

  • In the Fanatec Control Panel (The White Icon), it should pull up a "Game Controllers" box that lists the controllers connected to the computer. Click "Properties" for the Clubsport V3 pedals and you can do several things, including testing the rumble brake and gas and set a maximum and minimum value for the pedal to be depressed (this is key).

    I had the same problem. However, by slightly tapping the pedal just enough to register movement on this screen and clicking "set min" that resolved it. Now, iRacing no longer recognizes movement at the low end (call it 5 or less) of the scale. You still have at least 95% of the pedal travel. Is this ideal? That's up to you. I've had my pedals for a while and this was a quick and dirty solution I could live with - just passing it along in case you want to check it out.

  • I had exactly the same problem with 1.32 firmware. Rolling back to 1.30 is just absolutely perfect. It seems that they have a bug on their last firmware.

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