CSL DD Wheel Rotation Calibration Issue

I just received my CSL DD yesterday and set it up using the recommended settings in FanaLab for iracing. After driving a while, it seemed that I had to use more steering input than I remember using with my old wheel. I turned the wheel graphic on (usually I have it off) and noticed that the wheel was not reflecting the current input I was giving it. I went through the calibration process again and noticed that at the end, when I put in a 90 degree input, I was only getting about a 45 degree reaction in iracing.

After looking at the setting in Fanalab about 100 times, I too a look at the settings in the Fanatec control panel. Fanalab had the maximum steering angle set to 1080 and Fanatec control panel had it set at Auto. When I set the maximum steering angle to 1080 in Fanatec control panel the wheel calibrates correctly. Fanalab automatically changes from 1080 to Auto. Only problem is that every time i make an adjustment to any ffb seeting in Fanalab, it resets the maximum steering angle back to Auto in Fanatec control panel. I have to go back in and change it back to 1080 to get it to work correctly.

Is this a known issue, am I doing something else wrong?


  • To close this out, I realized that I was running an older version on fanalab. I had downloaded it a while ago when I just had pedals from fanatec. I updated to the latest version and everything is working as expected now.

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