Can I use RJ12 with USB adapter on V3 Pedals?

I have had to take my pedals off of my rig several times to do different setups because my wheel is not compatible with some newer games. So I have fallen back to my old Logitech wheel with my Fanatec Shifter, Pedals, and Handbrake.

I am hoping to test out the wheel again soon, but I am so sick of having to disassemble the pedals from my rig just to switch the chords.

So.. Can I use the RJ12 with the USB adapter to use the pedals? Or do I have to use the USB cable included? And if so can i use it to update firmware?

I really wish the pedals had the plugs on the back of the external part of the pedals. The handbrake cable location is also not ideal. :(


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