New To Fanatec… Need advice on pedals

Hey Folks,

I was given a CSL Elite wheelbase and the F1 esports wheel. I’m very grateful and happy! I’m wanting to get pedals with a load cell brake, but not sure what I should order due to the unfamiliarity with Fanatec products. I won’t be wanting or needing a clutch, for now anyways. Any advice and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated!



  • Unfortunately, the CSL Elite pedals no longer have the load cell being made for them. So I would definitely say the new CSL pedals with the load cell would be just fine. But, if you do think you may eventually start using cars with a clutch and will want that, then I wouldn’t waste time, just get the V3’s. Are you using a PC or console? If you are on PC though don’t feel locked to Fanatec pedals.

  • This is your cheapest load cell option. It's essentially the 2-pedal CSL kit, with the load cell brake kit included. (The existing brake moves over and becomes a clutch once you install the LC brake.) The bundle is showing as being backordered (on the US site, anyway), but ordering them individually might get them to you sooner (though you'll pay a bit more).

    Your other option would be the Clubsport V3 pedals, which are very good, but are about $160 more expensive.

  • Also, a bit of unsolicited advice if you've never owned load cell pedals before: make sure you've got some sort of rig or other solid mounting solution in place. You're going to be using a lot more force with the LC compared to regular pedals, and if they're not properly secured, they *will* go flying!

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