CS v3 - Any suggestions on eliminating the clicking

My v3 pedal have a clicking sound on all pedals, I think I narrowed it down to the axles and spacers that the pedals are connected to. the spacers have some play and when driving I constantly hear random clicking noises...

Does anyone have suggestions for remediating this? it's kind of annoying. I know functionally they need to pivot so not looking to do anything that effects performance - just wondering if there are any options to minimize the clicking.


  • Experiencing the same, did your clicking sound eventually go away?

    Click sound wasn't there with stock PU foam, but it's happening after brake performance kit update. I'm using the softest set (12mm red + 13mm red + PU), but I think it's putting enough pressure on loadcell on the entire frame/structure itself to creating pressure points.

    By pushing / pulling loadcell to either extreme, click sound can be replicated. Hope it goes away. It doesn't sound "quality" on otherwise nice pedal set.

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