FH5 CSL-DD Any older drivers that stop crashing that support the DD?

As the title asks, I don't think the older drivers mentioned in other threads that improve stability have support for the CSL DD


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    Use Compatibility mode and all previous drivers work as all previous drivers recognize a CSW V2.5.

    Of course the UI itself wont recognize it though.

  • driver version 3.46 has been tested on CSL DD - use that one.

    Remeber: - set the wheelbase in CSW compatibility mode; - do not start Fanatec panel on old drivers as it might reset your wheel settings and ask you to update firmware - which also should be denied.

    have fun

  • thanks it worked.. the ffb feels a little different, to get it feeling resonable I had to turn the wheel damper and centre spring scale almost all the way down in game.

  • braking is very odd though, it feels like an on/off switch and cars dont turn well at all under braking

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    Open Fanatec control panel. and untick manual pedal calibration - this should give you progressive braking again

    You will need to do this every time you power off and power on the wheel

    You can startup the control panel no problem, just do not say yes to flashing firmware. My wheel settings were preserved every time I went back to the older drivers and opened up control panel.

  • Also, I use 356 with my CSL DD with no issues.

    I was using 347 when I wanted to run my CSW 2.5 with FH5

  • I use the 356er Driver and it works since 14000 km without any issues on my DD2 and CS Pedals V3.

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