CSL elite pedals lc brake not able to calibrate

Today we encountered a very strange problem, suddenly the brake pedal tops out at 100% and it can not be calibrated to use the full 1602% that shows when you depress the pedals. Fanatec control panel and F1 2021 are affected but when I access the pedals through windows control panel/game devices and select properties I get the right input and adjustability but that does not solve the problem. Assetto corsa also works.

I recently got a CSL DD and updated the drivers from 402 to 429 with the pedals connected by usb and not into the wheelbase and this worked just fine with calibration and brake pressure adjustability until today. Firmware was also updated to latest after the driver update.

I have tried to reflash the firmware and reinstalling the drivers but nothing helps!

Can it be a solution to connect the pedals directly to the wheelbase? I believe I read somewhere that the resolution of the brake pedal decreases from 16bit to 12bit when doing so.


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