CSR Elite pedals with CSL-DD wheel base


I have an old (and EXCELLENT) CSR Elite pedals which I gave to someone. He would like to order the CSL-DD wheel (playing on the XBOX). Can the CSR Elite pedals be connected directly to the CSL-DD (I guess via a USB to USB cable)?



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    From the webshop compatibility description:

    So he will need a PS2/RJ12 Adapter Cable, NOT a USB/USB cable!

  • Thank you!

    Of course you are correct. PS2/RJ12 (I forgot the actual connections...). I believe that the CSR pedals have two outputs: one is PS2 the other is a square USB (I hope I am naming it correctly).

  • I bought the cable directly from Fanatec and was able to use CSR Elite pedals with GT DD PRO (same as CSL DD) on XBOX before I've got V3s

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