New CLS pedals questions

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Hi all,

I pre-ordered the DD GT PRO Bundle including the LC option, to connect to a PS5 .

I've got two questions & i hope you can help.

1) i already own CLS Elite pedal with LC. I can connect these via USB to a laptop to update the driver, and calibrate the pedals. I read that if i want to connect the new pedals to a PC i need to have a USB connector. Is this also the case when i want to update the Firmware and calibrate the Pedals?

2) With the CLS ELITE LC i use heavier Elastomer Springs, namely 3 x 90 & 2 x 85. I see that the new LC pedal comes with only 60 Elastomer Springs. When i check YT i see the Springs can be removed for lubrication. Can i replace the 60 springs with the ones i use on the Elite LC?

Thx .


  • If i remember correctly new CSL pedals are not adjustable like CSL Elites was. You can't change those elastomers...

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    Thx . Have a look at this video at the 1:00 timestamp.

    He is disconnecting the shaft and removes the elastomers . They look the same as i have with the Elite LC

    Or is this because the new LC with HAL is messuring the movement instead of input? Shouldn't be a problem in my view tbh... Hence the question.

  • My rig is on order to be delivered next month. Just a question on the V3 pedals. The reviews dont speak highly about the vibration motors. Saying they feel too weak if at all. I run simhub shakeit for my seat. Simhub has a built in Fanatec pedal controller via USB and wondering if that world be better feedback?

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