Csl dd settings project cars 2

I have the csl dd 8nm on Xbox series x. I have tried the forum settings and it doesn’t work. Wheel oscillates extremely on straights making it undriveable. I also talked to support and they were not able to help me. Can someone please give me some suggestions on settings please ?


  • I gave up on PC2. The CSLDD and that game just seem incompatible and the settings provided by fanatec are dangerous.

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    Here is what I have working for me and so far really enjoy project cars. My favorite is the Vintage GTA Class, I am able to be competitive with stock setups at 100% AI difficulty on Laguna Seca. I have both the GT3 McLaren and the Universal Hub with Nascar Wheel (Which I like for Vintage Classes), and V3 pedals. The game sees my controller as a thrustmaster for some reason and I'm either on the 434 or 437 driver I can't recall at the moment.

    SEN -Auto

    FF -100

    FFS -Peak

    ndp -030

    nfr -015

    nln -010

    int -006

    FEI -100

    BLI -100

    sho -ON

    brf -Your preference but I'm at 97

    In Game:

    Throttle at 40 Sensitivity

    Controller Damping 100

    FFB - Informative



    Tone -55

    Menu 0.20

    Hope this helps this is on an Xbox Series X

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