The first F1Esports driver to make it to F2

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Congratulations Cem. You made it! 

We already know sim racing is a crucial part for any driver to practice and hone their skills. To see a so serious sim racer like Cem Bölükbaşı drive in F1 Esports and then pursue a motorsport career is what sim racing is all about. We’ve supported Cem with Fanatec equipment since the beginning and last year we invited him over to Brno in Czech Republic for his first drive in an F2 car and to now see him announced as a F2 driver makes me real proud and happy.   

 I was driving ahead of him on his very first laps in a F2 car and he was probably quite bored behind me. 

 I am looking forward to following Cem in F2 next season and I am quite confident his career will not stop there.   


Great job, Cem, and good luck!  

  1. How many F2 races will Cem win this year?7 votes
    1. All of them! This is the least what I would expect from a Fanatec user
    2. F2 is tough but he will at least win once
    3. A Podium is already a huge success and he will make it for sure
    4. NADA, Nichts, Rien, Niente. And I hate my life because I was not good enough to drive F2


  • Tebrikler Cem!

    Thanks Fanatec for supporting him. He will make you proud.

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