NASCAR Ignition not working

Hi NASCAR Heat 5 worked fine, NASCAR 21 ignition is a nightmare; sees my DD2, but nothing works once on track; so when I go to Controls to assign throttle etc, game thinks I use and shows a Gamepad Controller, not a wheel, can't change it in there; I use very latest drivers/firmware. Anyone with similar issues ?


  • Same here, only wheels I can choose are Logitech and Thrustmaster.

    If I put it on Logitech in the menu settings , ingame it still thinks it's a controller.

    Steering, brake and throttle work, paddles work but not shifter and handbrake.

    But the steering is terrrible as the game thinks you are using a controller, if you check the ingame settings you only get controller, not wheel options.

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    nascar 21 is one of the worst software releases in many years. Game is not even close to finished.....basically fresh out of beta waiting for further development to finish. But contracts were in hand and a deadline was you got an unfinished game.

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