Clubsport V3 manual calibration by numbers

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Is there a way to manually calibrate the V3 pedal by numbers, like inputting a load of XX kg, instead of holding the pedal and set a min/max value? Where are the values saved? Somewhere in a .cfg / .json file, or in the registry?

I found that after updating drivers + firmware, I had to calibrate again. The min value is not so much a problem, but it is more the max value. During calibration I find it hard to get the exactly the same max. as before. It would be much quicker and more accurate if we could input a value manually.


  • Nope.

    It's saved onto the pedal internal Memory. You cant read it out.

  • So a driver update wouldn't change those values, only a firmware update?

    Is it technically not possible for the driver to read out those values and show them / make them manually adjustable in the driver control panel?

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