How can I roll back the firmware for the V3 pedal?

I had my V3 pedal for a while and had it dialed in to what I like along with my DD1 wheelbase. Earlier this month I updated everything from Fanatec along with my steering wheels and me not taking note of my settings had it all reset and now having the task of trying to get it back to the way I loved for Iracing . The biggest problem I am getting now is when I press the brakes with and force the braking basically flutters. On the telemetry shows the braking rapidly the signal peaking, hitting mid range then dropping to bottom and going back up in the same pattern. All of this happening at a extremely fast rate. I can feel in in my feet like if I was hitting heavy rumble strips and the car in Iracing reacting the same manner. I tried many thing to fixed this , resetting wheel base, changing the tension on the brake, connect the pedals directly to my computer, changing Iracing setting any and everything can possibly think of and still get the same result and I am getting extremely frustrated. I need to rest the pedals to what they were before this last firmware update. As of now the firmware of the pedals is 1.32. I am close to scrapping these things and go broke buying major upgrades from the other company.


  • Open the Firmware Manager, check the box top right for manual update, then click firmware update of the Pedals, click the three dots which then opens Windows Directory to select manual FW file, the old 1.30 is already pre-selected, click flash, done.

  • I will do that ASAP. Appreciate the help and quick response.

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