V3 Loadcell pressure

Not sure if I will explain what I mean correctly but i'll give it a go. The pedal has a min and max bar both in the fanatec pedal controller software and the same within each game, can you tell me if I continue to press the brake pedal even though I have reached the upper limit of the bar in either the controller application on in game does that pressure get recognised by the game or is that 100% full bar it. So the the full bar is 100% and say hypothetically thats 50kg pressure if I continue to press the pedal would the game register 60kg pressure? I know the v3's have a 90kg loadcell so is 100% in the controller software 90kg pressure and thats it? If I turn the brake force up and have stiff brake pedal its harder to reach 100% does this mean im not hitting 90kg limit and vice versa if I lower the brake force and have a softer pedal I can hit 100% really easy is that still 90kg pressure. The reason for this is im having real trouble braking in all games and for myself to work out what I need to do I need to understand the workings behind it!

Thanks in advance.


  • I have the same query with you also, I think the min and max setting not necessary for loadcell brake as it should related to pressure applied not the travel. I tried to applied a very little force to set it at max, even I set the BFP to 100%, it is very easy to get to the top of the brake bar and I think it is non-sense for a 100%(90kg) applied. So, I just change to auto mode and it makes me to apply a large force to get the bar to the top then change back to manual mode for just calibrate the clutch and gas, and never touch the brake Min/max anymore. It seems more make sense. If found it is hard to get to 100%, just lower it to 80 or 70 without touching the min/max

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