Problems with CSL Pedals Clutch Kit

Hey, guys! Just bought the CSL Pedals Clutch Kit for standalone use with the computer. As steering wheel and brake+accelerator i use the old Logitech Driving Force GT, and i wanted to add a third pedal to my setup. In the description of the product they said, "if you want to use the pedal as a stand alone device, please buy the Clubsport USB adapter with it". So did I, but when I plugged the pedal in with the adapter, I got no response from the pedal, and the drivers I have installed does not give me the option to use it as stand alone... So my computer plays the USB plugin sound when i plug the pedal in, but nothing happens and the driver does not recognice the pedal as it is plugged. Please help!

Regards: Elmer 😶


  • Maybe I'm wrong, but I never got the impression that the CSL clutch was something that one could buy and use with another set of pedals that aren't the base CSL's. The way I've always understood it is that the base set (throttle & brake) can be used as "standalone" (meaning with a non-Fanatec wheelbase) by plugging into your PC with the USB adapter you mentioned (as opposed to plugging into the wheelbase if it was Fanatec-branded). The clutch kit , again to my understanding, is intended to be an upgrade to those base pedals, which then *as a whole* can be used standalone. But I don't believe you're supposed to be able to use just the clutch pedal by itself as an input without the rest of the CSL pedals.

  • The Clutch Kit can NOT be operated separately on it's own!

    It HAS TO be used with the CSL Pedals, not possible to run standalone with other Brands pedals.

    Also the Adapter thing you mentioned does not meant that the Clutch Kit needs USB Adapter for standalone use but the upgraded CSL Pedal Set with the Clutch Kit installed needs the USB Adapter to be used separately without a Fanatec Base..

    "Upgrading the CSL Pedals with the CSL Pedals Clutch Kit does not enable USB connectivity, and the pedals must be connected directly to a compatible Fanatec wheel base. To operate as a standalone input device, use the ClubSport USB Adapter (available separately)".

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