Throttle Pedal Not Working

Ihave the Csl Pedal Loadcell Kit and after installing it my throttle isnt working at all.

the Brake is working fine. If i try to set the brake pedal as a clutch this doesnt work either.

does anybody have an idea?

I havealready a support ticket opden and im Waiting for an answere.

thx have a good one


  • Matthias DellMatthias Dell Member
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    Same for me

    I removed the default CSL brake pedal, connected the load cell via USB and the throttle via RJ12 to the wheelbase.

    Load Cell works but throttle does not

    NVM I am stupid. Connected throttle to Load Cell and removed the RJ12 from base to throttle now it's fine

  • Hi,

    i have the same issue and have raised a ticket. If I hear before you I’ll post the response.

    if you resolve would you let me know please.


  • Do not connect the CSL pedals (with LC kit) to USB and base at the same time. It is either of which.

  • My throttle pedal stops working too. I open an issue with Fanatec but still waiting for an answer.

    Is mandatory to plug cluch pedal or we can only connect Break LC pedal and Throttle pedal?


  • I have to send them in for repair/Replacement.

  • Ayer recibí el dd pro y el pedal del acelerador no funciona, sin embargo si el de freno, abri incidencia y ahora toca esperar, decepción absoluta después de pagar 800 euros

  • I received my dd pro bundle last week and the throttle pedal does not work either. I submitted a ticket to Fanatec, I am waiting on a reply. I hope I do not have to send it back because that is just more time and money wasted, but I am thinking that is what is going to happen. This is very disappointing.

  • Anche io ho acquistato un dd pro 2 giorni fa , montato il tutto con manuale e video , non funziona il throttle , ho aperto un case ma un volante da 700€ non può non funzionare al primo avvio ... SPERIAMO MI INVIANO UNA NUOVA PEDALIERA .

    in attesa ...

    per ora deluso ...

    vediamo ...

  • Same Issue here, just received my DD Pro premium bundle. Load cell is working, but I get no signal from the throttle. I have disconnected the clutch and updated everything to the latest firmware. Wired up everything as shown in the manual.

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    Same issue here. My Grand Turismo DD Pro Just arrived. Connected the loadcell pedal as prescribed. Throttle pedal is not working in Fanatec Configuration App on PC. The brake is. Please fix. All firmware is updated.

  • In addition. De pedal configuration without the use of the loadcell pedal is also not working.

  • Same here it worked for a day and today the throttle stopped responding even after putting everything back to how it arrived the throttle still does not work

  • bonjour

    meme probleme , depuis le branchment de la pedale load cell , l accelarateur ne marche plus

    j ai voulu remettre la ^pedale de frein normal et elle ne marche pas non plus

    avez vous des nouvelles de fanatec ???

    merci de votre aide

  • So no one received an answer from Fanatec? I have the same issue.

    It doesn't matter what kind of connection, with or without load cell - it doesn't work.

    Raised a ticket but haven't received any feedback!

  • Identical issue here. No answer from Fanatec yet either.

  • After connecting the load cell pedal, throttle and clutch pedals stopped working. Raised a ticket and waiting for feeback.

  • After a week, I received a short messsage that I need to update the firmware with the manual update function (which of course I tried and mentioned when I raised the ticket). Verry dissapointed about their level of support for a high end product like this

  • After contacting Fanatec support I had to send my CSL pedals and Load Cell Kit back to Fanatec, the replacements thankfully work fine.

  • Happened to mine last night awell has there been any update on the issue??? Thanks

  • I have the same issue. Have been waiting to hear back from Fanatec for a week now. I wonder why so many have failed.

  • Just joined the club🥲

  • I’m having the same issue. I’ve been using the DD Pro 2 kit for 3 weeks without issue. My CSL pedal just arrived today and after setting it up, the CSL pedal works but the throttle pedal does not. I replaced the CSL Pedal with the original brake pedal and the throttle still doesn’t work. Did the CSL load cell break the throttle pedal?

  • Moi aussi j'ai le même problème avec le loadcell qui as tout fait bugger, tout fonctionne sauf la pedale d'accélérateur.. J'ai racheter un CSL série pédalier classique et ça ne marche pas non plus, j'ai ouvert un ticket support et tout mais le je suis dégoûter !! Ah si avec le nouveau pédalier il m'es arrivé que ça accélère tout seul une fois ou deux !!!

  • I have same issue with the throttle. LC and Clutch work properly but no force for throttle. How can I solve this issue? I connected through base.

  • I thought I would submit my solution to this issue. I have the DD pro and I had the same issue as described here except I have not updated any hardware; I still have the stock CSL pedals. They worked this morning and then when I went to race tonight everything was working except for the throttle, it was not recognizing any input. Ended up being the RJ45 connection cable from the pedals to the wheelbase. I had a very short cable from the Fanatec shifter that I was able to use to test a new cable and it started working. Prior to testing the cable, I had updated firmware and restarted the PC on two occasions. Once I isolated the cable, I plugged the original back in, and it began to work. This tells me that it is probably a loose or bent wire in one of the connectors that may not be making contact all of the time. I'll need to replace the cable, but for now I re-installed the original cable, since it started working but I installed it in reverse, I plugged the end that used to be in the wheelbase into the pedals and the end that used to be in the pedals is in the wheelbase, it can go either way. This puts different stresses and bends on the cable and may keep the problem area at bay until I can get a replacement cable. Hopefully this helps folks in the future get back up and running quickly, it might be a simple fix. As far as I know the connection is the same standard as an old RJ45 phone cable that went from the handset to the base, you might have one around the house to test with and maybe a replacement already. I don't not know if the pinouts are the same so you might do some double checking on that before trying it, but I have a hunch it could work.

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