CSL vs. CSL Elite Pedals

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I’m looking to buy a pedal set for my new setup i’m gonna be buying soon. I just don’t know if there’s a difference in the driving experience (especially the brake) between the new CSL Pedals and the old CSL Elite pedals. Can someone help me out with this?


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  • I have both pedals.

    I recommend the CLS pedals.

    The CLS pedals have Hall sensors.

    Hall sensors are non-contact sensors and, in contrast to potentiometers (CLS Elite pedals), are therefore not subject to wear.

    Furthermore, the inputs with Hall sensors are more precise.

    I have better braking feel with these pedals. She even better braking feel with the Load Cell Kit.


    If you have the CLS DD Wheelbase, you can connect the pedals directly to the base.

    If you have a different steering wheel (Thrustmaster, Logitech) then you need the Club Sport USB adapter.



    I use the CLS pedals and the Club Sport USB adapter with the Thrustmaster T150 steering wheel. Works without problems.

    If you buy the CLS Pedale LC (Load Cell Kit), you don't need the ClubSport USB adapter because you can connect the pedals directly to the USB port.

    If you want pedals with the Load Cell Kit, it's cheaper to buy the whole set. But they are only available from March 14th.


    In this price range I can recommend the Fanatec CLS pedals.

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