V3 Load Cell be aware

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For current owner and potential new owner. I want you guys to be aware of the load cell failing. This is our second failure since purchased new in June 2020. First load cell failed in June of 2021 due to complete breakage at rivet (see first photo). This was covered with new replacement part (thanks Fanatec). Then second fail was a couple of days ago (see second photo). Not a complete break 'yet', but this hair line cracks already interrupted the load cells signals. Which we witness signal spikes and disconnect. Now you may think that we must have abused our unit. This is my son's exclusive pedals set and he is 130 lbs. 16 yo boy. He also treats his stuff with care. If this load cell is failing under this condition...I couldn't imagine how it would fair with a full grown adult . If you guys don't want your pedals fail during your race. I would inspect them for any current owners. For potential new owner you may want to review and compare others. I would look closely at their load cell design, does this design (rivet in to thin load cell strip...really??) to fail?

First failed:

Second failed:

I'm still a Fanatec fan. Love their product we still have their DD1 and a couple of their awesome wheels. Unfortunately the CS V3 Pedals, although looks great. The liability is simply not there. Imagine running endurance race and your pedals failed in the middle or worse yet last lap of the race! We just can't trust this pedals.

This is my true story and my experiences with our pedals. Others may find theirs in great working conditions and have no problem and I'm happy for you. I'm not knocking on anyone. And could be simply our bad luck. But this bad luck is pushing us away from Fanatec pedals.


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