Cannot Connect V3 Pedals to CSW2.5

I have a set of V3 Pedals and a CSW 2.5 that I bought used from a friend. The pedals work fine if connected via USB, but I cannot get the wheelbase to recognize them if connected with an RJ12 cable. I don't have the original cable, so I have tried a couple of phone cables I have, but they aren't working. The cables have four conductors, so I think that is the right cable.

I have updated the firmware of both the pedals and the wheelbase/hub. Hasn't helped any. In the driver software this is the screen I see:

I am confused about why the shifter shows up, as I do not have a shifter yet. I believe the pedals are plugged into the right port on the wheel-base, and have checked that.

Any other trouble-shooting I should try?

Thank you!



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