USB Adapter problems

Hi everyone i recently purchased as an upgrade CLS Elite Pedal set with a USB Adapter to go with my G29 wheel for pc i was going to upgrade to Fanatec gear gradually as my budget allowed.The problem i,m having is that the USB adapter comes in shifter mode which i guess is stopping me from using the pedals on my F1 2021 game.I must have downloaded a dozen Fanatec drivers from newest to oldest none of them any help as the adapter does not show up on them.On windows controller mode i have no option to update firmware so i can change the setting to pedals as advised on the product page so it seems to be a vicious circle.I am waiting on customer support now but thought i would give this a shot in case i am missing something obvious.I have also tried every USB slot on my pc I have gone back to my old faithful logitech pedals for now. Regards Brian

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