CarX Drift Racing Online CSL DD Settings

Hello all,

I am struggling to find settings for CarX Drift Racing online for my CSL DD. If anyone has some good Fanatec Driver and In-game Settings please post them up here!

Thank you!


  • I am also looking for some settings, the wheel feels very clunky even with different setup strategies. Maybe someone at Fanatec that could help out with some tips and tricks? Playing on GT DD Pro and PS5.

    Did notice some difference on lowering the FFB strength in game and increasing the FF Interpetation (INT) setting to 20. Please send help :)

  • Allright, so I've been testing all night now. Basically the clunky feel can be reduced by setting the steering wheel angle to 1080. However if you are like myself and prefer to drive with a 720 angle, there is a couple of settings you should try.

    For the GT DD Pro on Ps5:

    • SEN: 720 (Set this to what you use in game)
    • FF: 100
    • FFS: Peak
    • NDP: 50
    • NFR: 25
    • NIN: 25
    • INT: OFF
    • FEI: 80
    • FOR: 50
    • SPR: 100
    • DPR: 100

    In game, set the FFB strength to 0.50.

    It's the setting with a lacking of force feedback, but it reduces the clunky feel to a minimum and still provides good FFB language to control the car.

    Hope this helps, if any others have suggestions, feel free!

  • Looks like this game isn't made at all for ffb wheels, it's so bad... Glad I mainly bought it for steam deck

  • THANK YOU! This absolutely works and I appreciate your work you put in. I was about to just quit the game.

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