Problem with Fantec Handbrake on WRC10 on PS5

Hello I have GT DD Pro and Clubsport Handbrake v1.5.

On WRC10 on my PS5, I cannot get things working properly. I go to the settings and assign the button for the handbrake to be the physical handbrake. This seems to work and the activation is properly display on the gauge.

However, once I start a rally or training, the handbrake behaves weird (very slow to engage) and also impacts the accelerator. For example, if I hold the handbrake on, and floor the accelerator, the revs come up and the car doesn't move, as expected. But, once I release the handbrake, the accelerator is cut and I have to physically release the accelerator pedal and press is down again in order for it to do anything.

Did anybody else have this problem? I bought the handbrake since it makes a huge difference for rally, but it is unusable at the moment. Really disappointing....

Thanks for reading this and hopefully helping.


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