Podium Advance Paddle Module - Dual Clutch - Which sim it works on?

Hi, I got a podium advanced paddle module for my FormulaV2 Rim and for the Porsche 911 with endurance module, running on a DD2. I followed the steps to get dual clutch to work (setting the bit point, etc) but have not managed to work well in the sims (it only works as a regular clutch).

I wonder if this is Sim specific problem or specific to the car I am using in the sim (iRacing I am using Mazda MX5 and Porsche 918) . The other sims I am currently using are F1 2019, Automobilista 2, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa.

While I dont really mind not using it on ACC (it's a rolling start anyways) but it would be nice to get it to work on the F1 2019 and Autombilista 2.

Any help is appreciated. I may be setting things wrong, if you know a nice video or resource, I would appreciate the link.


  • F1 2019 doesn't support an analoge axis for clutch, only on/off button so clutch bite point isn't working there.

    All other games should work, only ACC makes no sense because of rolling start.

  • Thx!

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