Can't proceed to checkout

Its 4 day of me trying to order stuff from fanatec. Their site is really slow but i can wait its okey.

But for some reason every time i try to proceed to checkout it wont load.

I get "A timeout occurred" I have stable fast internet and only have issues with Fanatec site.

Any tips on what to do?


  • Following.....

    I have problems also . I can not have access to my shopping cart at all

  • Yeah just few days ago i could at least access shopping cart but last 2 days i cant even do that.

  • Is this a known issue to moderators ? Can anyone from the moderator's team check it please?

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Adam, I see that you were able to place an order in the end. Is there something you changed?

    We are not aware of a general issue with the checkout, so it might be local to your connection or your device.

    I suggest:

    • Clearing browser cache
    • Trying a different browser
    • Trying a different device

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Have been experiencing the same problem for 5 days. Items in my shopping cart that I cannot retrieve, wheel of death. Moderator has presented the same advice with no fix. I've tried my home PC, work PC and iphone. All the same. I'm in Canada but have a brother in the US who is experiencing the same issues. Customer service mailbox is full and cannot even get anyone on live chat.

    They do not seem to have any answers.

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    Tried everything. No solution. Even if i try to put a product in my cart it just seems 11 products but i can not access it. Even when i log in it takes about a minute to load. The cart keeps loading for ever.......

    Greece from EUstore

  • Dustin HandDustin Hand Member
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    Created a ticket regarding this sometime in feb. response on 2/21

    From: Fanatec Webshop . <[email protected]>

    Sent: Monday, February 21, 2022 5:12 AM

    Dear Dustin,


    Thank you for your message!

    First of all, thank you for reporting this bug.

    We have forwarded it to the responsible department and are currently working on a solution.

  • Would be curious if anyone is able to purchase and under what conditions. Tried 3x different emails and no luck. Wonder if EU-EN is experiencing the same. I've tried to order every day since around 2/20.

  • to clarify the issue, clicking on the cart will either engage an "internal safety error" or continue to spiral and not load.

  • Hi, same problem since friday 25th feb. "internal safety error 524" tried every browsers, Mac, PC, incognito, VPN, cleared Data and cookies... nothing works. Really hope they will change their entire website. Unbelivable that nothing is solved 6 days later.

  • I posted above yesterday. Tried all the fixes again. Still no better today. Finally reached someone on live chat. Standard response - They have passed on the concern to the IT dept. in the hope of fixing the problem soon, please be patient. I would be a first time buyer of their product, looking to upgrade from Thrustmaster, but am having second thoughts on ordering based on the unacceptable level of customer service. I realize their product reviews and rating are excellent but it makes you wonder...

  • Dustin HandDustin Hand Member
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    I'm just getting into the hobby but spending 3x less to have a G923 to my house in 24 hrs has gained a lot more appeal over the last two weeks

  • So i tried practically everything. But at the end this worked out for me.

    And i found out that "" german part of EU site from fanatec worked better and faster for me.

    Just little bit of google translator and i was able to order like that.

    And also i used other browser than Google. Bc its on windows default i used Microsoft edge.

    I dont think it helped me at all but i also deleted all cookies and cache.

    I hope this will help you too.

  • Thanks for the update. If you create an account there you're unable to hit USA as a shipping location. How did you bypass @adam?

  • Hey all - was able to order just now!

  • Still infinite loading shopping cart for me. And i am really concerned because i would like to buy the dd pro wheelbase as soon as it will become available. I hope i will catch the first wave .......

  • Everything good today for me. It seems working properly.

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