F1 2021 with GT DD Pro on XBOX Series X

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I´m using the GT DD Pro with the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel on an Xbox Series X.

Forza Motorsport 7 works perfectly fine but i cant get the wheel sensitivity right in F1 2021.

I´ve set the sensitivity in the tuning menu to 1080 (tried Auto as well) and in-game turned to 540° but thats still not enough. The ingame wheel is on 180° when my McLaren wheel is at 90°. I dont see any setting that lets me change it any further.

can someone help me please?

Thanks in Advance,



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    The game has a massive Bug on Xbox and you need to use SEN 2520 on the wheel with 360 in game in order to get the steering Sensitivity correct.

    Codemasters is aware but most likely wont fix the issue anymore in F1 2021, hopefully they fix it for F1 2022...

  • Thanks for your answer but how can i get my sensitivity to 2520? I can´t set it higher than 1080 in the tuning menu on the wheel.

  • That's because you use the Standard Tuning Menu where the Sensitivity range is intentionally limited to 1080.

    You need to change into Advanced Tuning Menu by pressing the Tuning Menu Button for 3 seconds while being in the Tuning Menu, then you can raise the Sensitivity up to 2520.

  • Thanks a lot, gonna try that now :)

  • Works perfectly fine now, thanks again for your fast help!

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