Shifter Problem after 1 year of minimal use

I've barely used my SQ 1.5 shifter up until the last few weeks. I used it as a novelty more than anything. But, recently I moved to iRacing where it has became much more of a staple diet.

Firstly, I seriously cut my pinkie shifting from 2nd into 4th. The hole at the bottom of the shaft is not de-burred (still isn't as I wanted to leave it evident should Fanatec themselves want to dispute this fact). It's very poorly finished IMO (I'm an engineer) considering that it's going to be handled.

Regardless of the above, I'm a big boy...... a plaster and some alcohol seen me OK for now....... there are often times when I'm shifting from 3rd into 4th where the shifter will see 2nd gear. This doesn't happen often, maybe once in every 20 or 30 shifts.... but it happens often enough to kill my race..... in a subscription service I'm paying for.

Now, this is where I'm a little annoyed. I've read countless stories about this happening with other users.. yet Fanatec dispute there is an issue? There is clearly an issue with this unit design in general. The hall sensor is a magnificent idea but.... if you don't ground the circuit correctly it's going to have issues. I've seen that there is a solution using electrical tape. Is this now sancioned by Fanatec or am I seriously going to be requested to send in my unit to be "repaired"? The reason I ask this is I have had this unit for 13 months. Granted I've only used it for 1 but by the letter of the law I'm shafted by warranty.

Serious money has gone into these products by myself. The wheel (2.5 CSW) is absolutely sublime. The shifter mechanism is absolutely fantastic and I really do enjoy using it. The pedals (V3s) could do with a little work for the feel of them but the construction (other than my rounded off allen screw that I'm yet to hear a reply on) are absolutely fantastic. The SQ1.5 seems to come up a lot in my searching though. So is there an actual fix to this problem or is it still a case of forking out to have it looked at?

PS.... my pinkie is absolutely killing me right now!


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    Edit.... 2nd to 3rd for the cut... not 2nd to 4th.

  • So Scott, no one has replies to you about this??? I've been aggravated with this problem for years on three different Fanatec H-Shifters plus one replacement parts/shifter not to mention it happens on three different gaming PCs and two Xbox Ones (so it's the Fanatec shifter that is the problem). It is a race killer and kills other peoples race in the process when you miss the shift on a restart going from 2nd to 3rd, it jumps to 1st. You wreck, you wreck people around you and your engine is damaged. I can't even explain how pissed off that I am about this problem no solution. I have spent around $700 on three shifters and replacement parts to repair this problem. For a long time now I have been using the sequential side of these shifters. I paid for an H-shifter that I can't even use. I have been silent about it thinking there would be a fix but there needs to be some research done by Fanatec on this issue and give us a solution. I've spent over $7000 with Fanatec since 2009 and they have great products (the best for the money). These shifters cannot be trusted any longer,

  • For the record, i used to have the saame issue, every so often it would selected the gear beside the one I wanted. Did all the recalibration etc. still having issue. I have done the electical tape mod, sounded like BS to me, but have not had n issue yet. Was really easy to do, only thing that could go wrong is there is a wire that needs to be unplugged when lifting the shifter mechanisim out. How does some electrical tape fix an intermittent issue with hall effect, no idea, but beats blowing up engine grabbing first or second instead of third or fourth.

  • Make sure its calibrated, not in game but on your wheelbase. Connect it directly to the wheelbase so you can do this.

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