[Resolved] Over a month, no refund in sight. WTH, Fanatec?

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I had to RMA my CSL Elite base and F1 v2 wheel. They received them, said if they could replicate my issue, they would refund in full as well as what I paid for shipping back to them. Otherwise no refund of shipping and 15% restocking fee. Normal business practice. So far, so good. Sent a photo of shipping receipt once they received the items on May 6th. Waited till following week to reach out. (glad I signed up for delivery notices)

A few more days, now May 14th , I get an email asking what email address I would like to use for paypal refund. Great news! Gave them the same email I had been using the entire time on May 15th. Wait 5 more days, then ask for a receipt and when I could expect refund. Got email 2 days later (may 22) saying refund issued. Sure enough, I get a refund. For shipping ONLY! $44, exactly 1/20th of what I paid for everything else. Nothing for the wheelbase and wheel! I respond asking where the rest of it is and silence. 2 days later (May24) I get an email saying refund had been issued May 13th. The day BEFORE they asked what email I would like to use for paypal refund. I was dumbfounded. No receipt that I asked for, just a date that didn't even make sense. I reply asking for confirmation and receipt, and letting them know there is no said refund for the hardware. That was a couple days ago, and I understand they are busy and overloaded, but what the hell? I usually get emails very early in the morning my time, or mid afternoon in Germany, so it will have been 3 more days if I get a response tomorrow, and at this point, I'm really starting to feel like I'm getting the run around. When I asked about refund before, it happened within an hour after I got an email and only took 1 biz day from time they read it to respond and send. Please please refund my money so I may go spend it elsewhere.

They may offer a guarantee but take this as a warning. I started the process to return my wheel base on April 24th. We are half way through the 5th week, no refund in sight, no receipt they even got the hardware back. Just more questions. Why they claim to have issued refund before they asked me for an email to send it to via paypal? If they sent refund to the correct email for shipping, why not the refund for hardware?

Is there some sort of recourse? If I don't hear anything back by end of day tomorrow, I will see what can be done through paypal and take action. This is beyond ridiculous. Correction, if I do not have a refund in full by end of tomorrow, I will take action. Not even sure if I should post my review video I made on youtube now that this has spoiled the experience so much.

Ok, end of rant.


  • That's no good. I'm waiting for a refund too with credit card for double payment (to spend here, by the way, for other components).

    I hope all goes well...

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    Hi Rafael,

    You should have received communication from the sales team today resolving this.

    I apologise for the delay, but unfortunately it takes time between each step in the communication process, up to 7 working days at the moment. The sales team is flooded with enquiries.

    Closing thread.

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