WRC (6,7,8,10) on GT DD Pro with PS4

WRC is horrible or maybe i am too stupid. GT Sport (with no setup, just plug and play) and Dirt 4/Dirt Rally 2.0 (after in game calibration) are working flawlessly on PS4 and its pure fun!

But in WRC in dont know what to do. Playing around with values doesn't matter. I am driving like a drunken master, horrible. To freak out! WRC - the rally game with the fancy spinning in-game Fanatec logo is hardest to setup? Could it be?

What are your experiences with WRC(no matter which version), PS4 and GT DD Pro?

Whats your settings?


  • I use default Fanatec base settings except for Sensitivity 480 (could be from 420 to 540 depending on personal preference) and damper (NDP) set to Off.


    Overall force 100

    SAT 100

    Tyre load 0

    Self centre 85

    Recentre force 100

    Overall vibration 100

    Tyre slip 0

    Suspension 19

    Ground surface 19

    Engine 19

    Collision 19

    Feels great with these settings. I am on GT DD Pro 8Nm with the CSL Elite WRC rim.

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    @Steven Koontz Hi. Thx, for your feedback 👍️ You guided me somehow to the right direction 😅 It is working now but i have at the meantime the default settings in WRC 10 (with wheel turning radius 360, which radius do you have here?) and on the GT DD SEN 360 / FF 100 / NDP 100. At the end i can not say what the main "problem" was 😏 Maybe it was an missing in-game setup for the wheel, don't know for shure... 🙄

    I can not set NDP to off on the GT DD Wheel, only to 25? Which SW versions do you have on the GT DD Pro? I have: BASE 1.1.1 / MOTOR 1.0.1 / ST WHEEL 06

  • S. K.S. K. Member

    After playing with the sensitivity (which is totally messed up out of the box), I think it's all right but I can't get the in game wheel to line up with my own wheel which is very distracting.

  • In my case, I suppose that is normal but I feel a very poor spring effect, even using it at max value. Maybe I have to continue tweaking some damper parameters, but for me is really frustrating that I feel better sensations in WRC playing with my old G29 :S

    Any ideas in how to improve the spring force appart from it's specific value?

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