"FFB over load" can't play anymore

Hello, I played AMS2 for many months without problems with my 2080TI. but since I bought a 3080TI I can't play AMS2 anymore. indeed I have since my installation of the important problems with the management of the datas exchanges FFB / All fanatec hardware. I can play for 2 friendly laps then the framerate collapses and I have to quit the game. the controls ( FANATEC CSL elite and pedals+shifter) no longer respond or too late. I've seen rare other people have the same problem but can't find a solution. This problem only occurs with AMS2. all my other simus work perfectly. ( I tryed all USB config... with usb 2 it's even worse.)

Thank you for your help if you have a idea.

i'm blocked :-(

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