FFB Degradation - Still present, with latest drivers



  • This is still a problem on DD1 with the latest drivers. It happens at session change or when returning to garage.

DD1 settings: 

Steering angle: auto, FFB Strength: 100, FFB Scaling: Peak, 

Natural Damper/Friction/Inertia: OFF, 

FFB Interpolation: 3, Force Effect Intensity: 100,

Force/Spring/Damper Effect Strength: 100.

In game FFB Smoothing: 1.

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  • Set DPR to OFF and the issue is gone.

    Its a game issue where the game spams the DPR channel for no reason which the game Developers need to fix. They are aware of the issue.

  • Hello,

    Yes, I know that there is the solution. I just wanted to post this so that the problem is not forgotten .

    Also, by updating this thread, it is also easier for people to find the solution.

    I did not know that they were aware, thank you for the information. Also I did not know if it a driver problem or from the sim.

    Thank you,


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    Does not really help though as the discussions in this forum are sorted based on most recent started thread and not most recent post.

    So this discussion or thread will slowly go down the list under recent discussions/refactor folder as you posted it. Re-posting on this thread will not push it up the list.

    So unless someone search it with the almost the same key word, it will not show up.

  • I got this issue too and DPR off solves it. Another issue for me that happens at session change or when returning to garage is that the FFB looses detail, getting violent oscillations and loose center. FFB reset does nothing. Back to normal after restarting the game. Haven't found any setting that fix this. Using DD2

  • I have the same pb with DD2. Only solution I found is to swith off the DD and restart the game

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