Help! Pedal Port Broken on brand new GT DD Pro Wheel Base!

Just received my GT DD PRO bundle today. Unfortunately, once I connected everything, I found out that my pedals were working only intermittently. Upon close inspection, the pedal port on back of the wheel base is very loose! After playing for a little bit, now the pedals don't respond at all! Not sure how something like this could've passed inspection. Is something like this non-fixable? Is there a way that I can re-purpose an unused port (i.e. shifter port) to turn it into a pedal port? I'm afraid if I return this wheel base back for a new one, I'll be waiting a looong time for a replacement :(


  • I think you're going to have to RMA it, unfortunately. I would log into your account and submit a support ticket ASAP. Or you could try getting them via the live chat, but they're only available during normal business hours in Germany, so that could be challenging depending on your location.

    I've very recently had to deal with two separate RMAs with Fanatec. I live in Eastern US, and the shipments go to California. Both times, total time from out of my hands to back in my hands was about three weeks. Not ideal, but better than waiting until April or June when the preorders are scheduled to start shipping.

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