Steering Problems GT7

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I just got GT DD Pro. I play GT7 on PS5. But Everytime i come to an corner ingame steering is locked at an angel.

I have latest updates, recommended settings on wheel and ingame.

In most sharp corners my ingame Stering is locked and doesnt match my steering wheel, see Video for an example. Someody know what i can do?

Gran Turismo DD Pro

Tuning Menu Settings:

  • SEN Auto
  • FF 100
  • FFS Peak
  • NDP 38
  • NFR Off
  • NIN Off
  • INT 2
  • FEI 100
  • FOR 100
  • SPR 100
  • DPR 100

In-Game Settings:

  • Assist Settings:
    • Countersteering Assistance: Off
  • Controller Settings:
    • Force Feedback Max. Torque: 5
    • Force Feedback Sensitivity: 1


  • That’s not the wheel. That’s the game, you are trying to attempt to turn while braking which you can’t really do in the game. You need to ease off the brake, brake earlier, and enter that hairpin with less speed.

    When it comes to general driving When you have full brakes on your wheels are going to lock and the car will still slide even if you try to turn your wheel.

    If you want to test it out your self put the car on a straight brake and try to turn at the same time.

    Then try to drive brake, let off the brakes and then turn and you will see the car will do what you want it to do.

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