"Firmware will be updated" not updating

I just got my Clubsport V3 Inverted pedals and got the driver update, but when I open the Firmware Manager and try to update, I am given the prompt "ClubSport Pedals V3 firmware will be updated." I click ok and then nothing ever happens.

I am connected by usb to the PC since I don't have a direct wheel base.


  • If installed on USB3 try uninstalling software en reinstalling on a USB2 connector.

    This made the difference for me with the CSL DD Pro base. I could not update or change from 3.0 to 2.0 untill after installing on 2.0 USB. Same for the update of the firmware, now it works and i can change usb port without problem

    Hope this helps

  • When logging into github it said that there was a firmware update available which i accepted and now its stuck updating for more than an hour.

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