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my name is Dirk and I am a newbie with Fanatec.

Sorry for my badly English but the school ist very long ago.

I would like to buy a Clubsport Shifter for my DD pro. But I have a question for the working with the game GT 7.

I love it, to change the sequentiell gears with a stick and not with the wheel-paddles. Can I change the gears sequentiell with the Clubsport Shifter instead of the paddles or ist the shifter only for the H-Gears?

Thank you for your answer.

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  • club sport shifter does not detect on GT7. Hopfully they update it.

  • Mine works, but I haven't tried Sequential. I use Clutch and H pattern. But I am having a few issues I was about to post.

  • The shifter does work in GT7, both in H-pattern and sequential, only thing is they have some issue with the shifter dropping to neutral randomly, but if you don't touch the clutch and change gears with the H-shifter it doesn't flick out because it only happens for a split second then registers the gear the lever is still in, which is no good when you really want to use the clutch, which looking at a lot of posts they haven't been able to fix it for years. It's not a mechanical issue because you can pull the lever back quite a bit before it registers neutral on my GT Pro DD screen just seems like either an electrical or software problem...... it's getting damn annoying just wish they would damn well fix the problem, and I've only had mine a few weeks and updated all firmware when I first got it......

  • Just an update, I just tried a sheet of plastic from a container lid cut out to the shape of the whole base of the shifter and put nylon whashers on the bolts, dunno if it's my imagination or not but it seems a bit better can get down Conrod Straight without it flicking into neutral but it still came out a couple of times but not as bad only did 4 laps, maybe the holes in the plate need to be a bit larger might be just touching.....

    Hope this may help some people cheers

  • Sorry Dirk forgot to say yes you can put shifter into sequential mode and use it like that instead of the paddles.

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    I´ll write it here too - as i had the same problems.

    buy some ferrite cores (i used 4 pieces) and put them on the shifter cable. I didn´t have a single mis-shift or "jump to N" since that. Before the cores, the "jump to N" happend at least 1-2 times per lap what makes the shifter pretty much unusable.

    I also tried to isolate the shifter from the metal frame of my sim rig with nylon screws and washers but that didn´t fix the problem completely.

    since i added the ferrite cores, i have been driving 3200km in GranTurismo 7 with absolutely 0 problems.

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    Dirk, I have had no problems with Sequential Shifting in GT7 on the club sport shifter. I do have 2 ferrite cores on my shifter cable that Fanatec sent me.

    Boris, I never fully fixed my shifter issues on PC when plugged into the wheel base, but plugging in to USB on PC fixes the issue.

    But in GT7 so far I have no "neutral flicker" or the gear being read wrong anymore. I use to get 2nd read ad 1st, 4th read as 2nd, and 6th as 4th every 10 minutes or so.

    But I am miss shifting a lot in GT7 and I can't tell if it's and RF issue or it's just me? How has it been going for you? Maybe I'll add a couple more cores and be more careful on my clutching.

  • What do you mean by "mis shifting" in GT7 ? What happens to me sometimes is, when i am shifting too fast and not pushing the clutch timed exactly, the gear doesn´t slip in and i end up in Neutral. I think this is absolutely up to me as it never happens when i concentrate and shift clean.

    what helps are the tuning clutches that you can buy for your car ingame, that makes clutching a bit more forgiving i feel!

    Cannot say anything to PC as i am using my Fanatec equipment on Series X & PS5 only until now so my shifter has always been plugged into the wheelbase.

  • No we mean when it is in gear and flicks to neutral without touching anything, miss timing the change is normal and a good thing to stimulate...

  • I have never had a flick to neutral again since i put on the 4 ferrite cores.

  • Yeah mate, just put them on today and they came in a pack of 4 so used then all, a tad big just looped them through each one, tested 3 races of 3 laps at Bathurst and no problem so far.

  • Hello, since two weeks I have a problem with my shifter and GT7.

    Over one month the shifter and GT7 was fantastic.

    And now, I have changed the gear from 2 to three and I have often the wrong gear.

    On the turn of Nordschleife I have ten-fifteen wrong gear changes.

    Has anybody the same problems?

    Best regards


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