[Resolved] CSL Elite Wheel Base + Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel - 5-way directional not working

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I have the CSL Elite Wheel Base + (for PS4 and PS5), i use it with the Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel and I figured out that the 5-way directional is not working for me. If i got to the controller settings in GT7 it is recognizing my Wheel as CSL (i think because of the base), but if I read the compabitility fanatec is mentioning, is that the 5-way directional will work with all playstation compatible wheel bases.

Also: Note: The steering wheel for Gran Turismo DD Pro does NOT enable PlayStation® compatibility when used with a non-PlayStation-licensed wheel base. A PlayStation-licensed wheel base (such as the Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base) is required for use on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5.

In my case I'm using a compatible wheel base with is licensed for PS4&PS5 (light is set to blue also).

Can anyone help me or give me an advice how I can solve this or is there maybe someone facing the same issues.

Thanks in advance - best regards


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    The wheel works with other playstation compatible bases. Yes. But the colored Dpad only works with the GT DD PRO base in GT7 because GT7 uses a preset based mapping System where those Dpads can not be mapped by the user themselve but only by Polyphony Digital by coding them into the preset. And they only did this for the GT DD PRO preset.

    So it's intended by them that the GT Steering wheel only works with the GT DD PRO base.

    There is no way you can solve this issue other than writing to the game Developer that they please implement the colored Dpads to more base presets.

  • Hello,

    thanks a lot for your information. I was expecting something like this. Very sad that they haven't developed also this possibility for the combination with an CSL Elite.

    So maybe I will contact polyp. and hope they include something like this into their next updates. Maybe there will be more people that also use this constellation but don't think so since fanatec don't sell only the wheel.

    Thank you and best regards

  • Hi Dejan Micic

    You are using the gt dd pro wheel with csl elite base, I can't seem to get mine to work.

    Any advice my friend?

    Turn on base , wheel spins with 'F' logo on led display, finishes spinning and goes out.

    PS button will not connect, 'blue' mode still on.

    Have tried with every mode, nothing.

    Fanatec PC app recognising dd pro wheel.

    Elite wheel and CS formula wheel works.

    All updated.

    Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Maurice,

    PC Driver 381

    Wheel Base Firmware 680

    Wheel Base Motor Firmware 22

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    Thats the issue then...

    Dont know why you write that "all is updated" when you use a driver and firmware which is 2 years old or so and simply does not know that a wheel like the GT Steering Wheel, which was released only 3 months ago, exists... ;)

    All you have to do is update to driver 439, update Base Firmware and then everything will work :)

  • Hi Maurice,

    PC Driver 381

    Wheel Base Firmware 680

    Wheel Base Motor Firmware 22

  • Yes, and you need

    PC Driver 439

    Wheel Base Firmware 689

    Wheel Base Motor Firmware 22

  • Hi Maurice,

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

    It said all running current versions but I must have missed something.

    Once again, THANK YOU


  • Sorry haven't seen the conversation, did not get an email update - fine that it works now for you. I hope they will get the buttons also running with later updates - unfortunately they did it not with the last one :(

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