FFB feels strange in Raceroom

Hi everybody,

I am driving with my CSL DD with clubsport v3 pedals on a 8040 rig on pc and Xbox Series X.

On pc I wanted to give Raceroom a try, to have a variaty to ACC online racing. Raceroom is the only game/sim that creates some kind of quick FFB vibrations as soon as I start turning the wheel. It feels like graining or understeering compared to other sims. But this is not the case.

This happens in corners, on flat straights, on higher and lower speeds while steering. Other sims like ACC do also give feedback while steering, but only where it makes sense and it feels natural and immersive. Raceroom does it constantly as soon as I am steering, no mather what car I drive. Its quite annoying.

I used the fanatec recommended settings as a starting point for my wheel settings. I only can get rid of this unnatural effect, when I lower "DAMP" to 0

and lower "FEI" to about 20. This setting is not really usable, because I lose nearly all details in FFB.

As I am gaming and driving on pc and Xbox Series X, I don't experience such a behavior in any other racing game / sim , neither on pc nor on Xbox.

Is this how it's meant to be in Raceroom?

Is this just the way Raceroom gives the Feedback from the track surface?

This feels just strange for me. Maybe that's just me, not feeling well with the Raceroom FFB ;-)

I will try iRacing as well, maybe it will fit better for me.

I am just wondering if there is something wrong in my Raceroom and would be grateful for experiences with FFB in Raceroom.

Greets and thank you in advance.


  • Have you tried adjusting the INT setting? This will often smooth out a lot of the high frequency "chatter" that can come through on some games.

  • Hi Gregg,

    thanks for your input.

    Yes I tried to play around with INT settings, I forgott to mention that in my post. INT settings do indeed smoth a little bit that undesired effect. Butt it doesn't have such an impact that I could say it's good.

    Meanwhile I gave iRacing a chance and the FFB is quite good. In iRacing I don't have this effect neither.

    iRacing is at an other pricepoint compared to raceroom. Raceroom would be more attractive from that point of view. For this, iRacing offers much more competitive Races and more features. But that's an other topic 😉

  • Turn off Nat. Damper, Nat. Friction, and Nat. Inertia completely.

    Turn Dpr to 100 and Spr off

    Set FFB Interpolation to 1 or 2, preferably 1

    Set FEI to 100

    Set strength to 100

    From there, set your strength in game and then use per-car FFB for each car.

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