Settings for Competitizone on PS5 using the GT DD Pro

I’ve heard the games auto settings for wheels have been notoriously wrong, im new to simracing so I’m I really on know the auto settings for games. Competitizone had my steering lock at 90, I saw for other wheels the im game setting was at 1080, is this still valid. Any help on config would be appreciated.


  • I found the CSL DD base is very light on those 2 it's the game has very light steering. Add some dampener to add weight. The csl DD I have here is packed up for resale. Well it's my son's I use a dd1, he's not very happy with his CSL DD and saving for a DD1

  • Will be a separated feed with the recomended settings for the ps5 version of acc? With the last update I feel my ffb completely wrong, and a little help will be apreciate.

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    I manually set my wheel from 90 to 1080. I also run it in compatibility mode. It was detected as a CSL Elite. The FF is so heavy I had to set it to 47% in game and 85% on my wheel. Even then it’s heavier than any other game I own.

    I am disappointed the PS5 version doesn’t support hold and extended button modifiers. Particularly on rotary mps encoders.

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