Thoughts on FF in GT7- disappointed - can they improve?

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I recently got the DDPRO wheel to replace my CSL elite 1.1 I’m quite happy with the improvement of feel on AC (PS5), but GT7, even after the latest firmware update and using suggested settings for wheel and game, the Force feedback is so minima compared with AC (I’m not using ACC) I also find it easier to control AC with the DDpro.

Just wondering if Polyphony might upgrade this in the future? The amount of data and detail going to the ps5 controller is fantastic, and wondering if this feedback could also be redirected to the wheel?

another odd thing is that in Dirt2 I had to set the game up to not rotate the wheel fully when setting parameters, so the wheel has a more 1:1 relationship with the on screen car. I should probably be setting this via the wheel settings in a different preset?

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  • I am using the recommended settings, but I have Torque set to 6 in game. Haven't felt any clipping yet, but i haven't tried drifting or anything like that yet. Dirt felt nice.

    I will say that the FFB in different cars can be drastically different which is nice. Seems like Grp Cars and PP of about 600+ is where the wheel feels pretty good.

    But I agree that FFB could use improvements. FH5 even feels better.

  • RJ DRJ D Member

    Thanks for the info. I’m not that far progressed into the more powerful cars.

  • So after further play...

    I'm a bit torn between Linear at 6 torque or... Peak at 5

    Either way I hope they improve the FFB in GT7.

    I still like the 600pp best. Then Grp 4 cars feel good. 700pp cars are where its starts to fall apart.

    But really. There is a limit of what the game seems to be able to send your wheel. It feels like the tension grows too fast after 30mph and reaches a peak long before you reach the point of losing grip. So when you do lose grip it's unexpected.

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