Mapping podium paddles on GT7

Good evening people.

I'm waiting for delivery of my club sport wheel RS and I've also bought the advanced podium paddle set. My question is, as suggested in the title, can I map all the digital paddles (not including the analogue clutch paddles) to do whatever I want them to do? Will GT7 even be able to see all the paddles? Will the clutch be useable?

Do any of you have any experience you could share with me to set me up for being happy or disappointed?

Massive thank you on advance 🙂


  • I have a Podium Module with a limited edition F1 wheel. Using with the DD Pro base.

    I can't program the top paddles. I think it assumes you're using the GT wheel when using the DD Pro base. When I used to use a CSL Elite base with GTS the top paddles were left and right indicators.

    For the analog paddles I believe it is based on the centre selector on the wheel. Mine is set to position 2 which makes the right ones a handbrake and the left a hand clutch (which has no function in this game).

  • Cheers Carl.

  • Yup. Carl's right. I have these paddles on my BMW GT2 V2 and only the middle paddles work. Sadly GT7's Mapping is pretty limited. You can't even remap the Pause/Share or PS buttons. I wish it were just a direct input mapping system.

    I was hoping just to get some extra buttons to map for GT7 with them.

    But at least they don't cause any conflicts. I'd hate to have to uninstall them and put the old ones on.

  • Here's a question for you both. I got my clubsport RS wheel today and died the podium shifters to it. I've mapped what I can for GT7 and it works beautifully apart from the top paddle but here's another question, after seeing the buttons as I want them the clutch paddles no longer work...... Does anyone know how I can get them back?

  • I have been unable to map any of the paddles other than the center ones as GT7 recognizes my GT2 and RS as a GT DD Pro in Blue M ode, or an Elite if I use Purple Mode. (which enables my analog stick btw. TY to the person who pointed that out in another thread.)

    When you install the paddles they become "new inputs" which the game does not have a config for. Unless it's reading it as a duplicate of another button? But I don't think it does.

    What I do is download the manual of the wheel im using and the manual of the wheel the game is reading it as. Compare the inputs to what the game reads and map from there.

    Also it's best to start racing, pause, and pull up the controls button map to see what wheel the game is reading the wheel as.

  • 1.11 release notes:

    22.Steering Controllers

    - Allocated features to extra buttons that become available when attaching replacement wheels such as the Fanatec Club Sport Steering Wheel Formula V2 on the Fanatec GT DD Pro*.

     ・Assigned the upper right / left paddles on the Fanatec Podium Advanced Paddle Module to turn signals

     ・Assigned the left/right toggle switch to MFD toggle and change features

     ・Assigned the analog stick to head turning

    * Extra button assignment is only available when the compatible steering wheel is attached.

    - When attaching a replacement steering wheel such as the Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 on the Fanatec CSL Elite and Fanatec Podium, changed the ‘MFD Change’ function assigned to both left and right toggle switches so that the left toggle switch is assigned to the ‘Switch MFD’ feature.

    - Various other issues have been addressed.

    No idea if anything will allow custom Podium Paddle installs yet, but here's to hoping.

  • So. I got to test this out. For my BMW GT2 V2 it works in Blue or Purple Mode. But it does seem to disable the analog stick. At least for me.

    That said they are mapped kinda how i wanted to map em anyways. Blinkers, Shifters, and Look Left/Right.

  • Certainly after the update the upper paddles on my setup (Podium with GT3 wheel, PBM and APM) work as the indicators and the stick lets me look around the views....

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