Mounting CSL Pedals on GT Omega Titan Rig

Bernd KrappBernd Krapp Member
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Hello all,

can someone help me figure out on how to mount my Fanatec CSL Pedals (1 throttle, 1 Load Cell break) onto the GT Omega Titan Cockpit?

I just don't quite understand how it works. Do I need the Fanatec metal plate that comes together with the CSL Pedals and can be seen in the picture? If so, how can I mount it?



  • Hi, I have a Titan also, but my pedal plate is a different design. The two bolt fixings under the Fanatec foot rest lined up perfectly with the pre-drilled holes at the front of the Titan pedal plate. I had to drill 2 further holes at the other end of the pedal plate, as the existing holes didn’t line up. I have just the LC and throttle attached. See image below.

  • Yeah I did the same. Drilled the rear holes, and had to use large washers as the holes overlap with the existing ones slightly.

  • I drilled the front holes for the clutch, throttle and brake.

  • Just use some of the leftover bolts from the titan and screw the pedals in with the holes in the pedal itself. Rock solid on mine with LC. Don’t need to screw the plate down.

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